Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Repeaters

Verizon Wireless has licences and makes use of CDMA technology on both the 800 and 1900 MHz frequency bands. For this reason, it is important to find out exactly which frequencies they are using in your area in order to purchase the appropriate repeater to improve your Verizon Wireless reception.

In most areas, Verizon makes use of the 800 MHz frequency for basic voice and data services. The 1900 MHz band is generally reserved for their EVDO broadband data service. In order to improve basic voice and data reception, most customers will find the 800 MHz cell phone repeater appropriate. For customers looking to improve the speed and connectivity of their EVDO services, a 1900 MHz cell repeater kit can be used.

Note: Customers in Texas and Florida may find that Verizon's frequency usage varies from the above guidelines.

Quick link yourself to a Clear Voice 800MHz Kit or to a Clear Voice 1900MHz Kit.
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Find out More

To find out more about exactly which frequencies and services Verizon is using in your area you can make use of a number of different resources:

CDMA Development Group

Visit the CDMA Development Group worldwide deployment map:

Select "North America" on the map, and then select your state. Scroll down to the "Verizon" section under the "Operator" column, and find your area in the right hand "CDMA coverage" column (it may be in more than one row). You can then find the technologies and their associated frequencies Verizon is using in your area.

2G - IS-95A : Basic CDMA Voice and Data Services

3G - CDMA2000 1X : Basic CDMA Voice and Data Services

3G - CDMA2000 1xEV-DO : EVDO Broadband Data Service

Based on this information, you can determine which frequency repeater you need to improve the appropriate service in your area.

Wireless Advisor

The wireless advisor website will display the license information for your area. Visit Wireless Advisor and use your ZIP code to find out which frequencies Verizon has licenses for in your area. Please note that the information shown on Wireless Advisor does not indicate what technology each frequency band is being used for (EVDO or simple voice), or whether the band is actually being utilized by the network; it only shows which frequencies each network is licensed to make use of.

Contact Verizon

Often the best way to find out which frequency Verizon is using your area is to contact a Verizon representative in your state. You can visit the Verizon Wireless Contact Us page to find appropriate contact numbers.

Please note: Some customer service representatives are more informed than others. If your call is answered by someone who doesn't seem sure, or cannot specify the frequency usage in your area, you might try calling back again later or using one of the above resources to find out which frequency bands Verizon is utilizing in your area.

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